Meet the EU Parliament’s First-Elected Feminist Party Member Romani woman - Soraya Post!
It’s a happy day for the Roma women grassroots network!
Our warmest congratulations for Soraya Post, long-standing Roma activist and the first feminist MEP!

"You know that we have created history don’t you? We inspire the world. This is the force of love!" the Feminist Initiative’s main candidate, Soraya Post, proclaimed in front of cheering supporters in Stockholm, as reported by Huffigtonpost:

"I was born in Sweden — my family has been in Sweden for hundreds of years — but I was living as a second-class citizen because of my ethnicity. When my mother was in the seventh month of her third pregnancy (after having me and my brother), she had a forced abortion and forced sterilization only because of her ethnicity. She was 21. The Roma population is the largest, most marginal group in Europe for which human rights are not existing at all. The situation for Roma is even worse in Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary — it’s really, very, very bad."

How was the success possible?

"We’ve been campaigning in house meetings. Because we are a small party we don’t get the government money to run our campaign. So we had given out information saying, If you are interested [in listening] to our politics with 15 other people at your home or some place, we will come. This is how we have been running our campaign. We have been with the people."

Watch our Roma Woman interview featuring the fantastic Soraya Post:

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